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MIYAVI Official Site


  • Jan.1 2017
  • Feb.19 2017
    Seoul V HALL (元、AX KOREA)
  • Feb.24 2017
    Hong Kong MacPherson Stadium(麥花臣場館)
  • Feb.26 2017
    Taipei ATT Show Box(ATT文創立方)



After a hiatus of one year and four months, MIYAVI will be releasing a new album Fire Bird on Wednesday, August 31st
Simultaneous vinyl release!

Limited deluxe edition (CD+DVD+booklet)
◆ Bonus track Cocoon
◆20-page booklet
◆CD super jewel case
◆DVD, over 20 minutes with:
・Introduction to “NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE”
The studio performances of Cocoon, Another World, Raise Me Up, Fire Bird and Steal the Sun
・「Raise Me Up」Teaser Video
・「Afraid To Be Cool」Music Video (short version)

Vinyl Record Release
For details, please order online here:
Or here:



1. Another World
2. Fire Bird
3. Dim It
4. Raise Me Up
5. You Know It's Love
6. Afraid To Be Cool
7. She Don’t Know How To Dance
8. Steal The Sun
9. Long Nights
10. Hallelujah

2016.08.31 Fire Bird

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MIYAVI is gaining recognition around the world for his unconventional style of playing the guitar—not with a pick, but with his fingers and his “slap style,” which is like no other. Miyavi has four successful world tours under his belt, totaling more than 250 shows in 30 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
In 2013, Miyavi entered a new phase by releasing the single “Ahead Of The Light,” which features his slap guitar with the strong beats of electro/dance music. His self-titled album, Miyavi,was released in Japan in June 2013 and is now beingreleased in Asia, Europe and North America.
In recent years, Miyavi gathered attention from other artists and creators in the field. He has also produced music for television commercials. His music has been featured on various commercials for brands, including Uniqlo, Toshiba, Nissan, Lotte Co., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., among others.
In addition, he is receiving a lot of attention from fashion brands. With his acting debut in Unbroken, Miyavi was inspired by the message of peace which he himself has strived for; he has been able to use all his performing abilities this time as an actor who considers his body and soul to be his instrument. Consistently aiming for the next level, fans refer to Miyavi as the “Samurai Guitarist.”